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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this entire section before booking your appointment. Should you have any more questions feel free to contact me!

  • What is semipermanent makeup?
    With semipermanent makeup you get the best of both worlds without having to worry about having the results tattooed on the face forever. Semipermanent makeup also cuts down the time it takes to wash everything off. Instead it is meant to gently fade over time so that you have a natural finish. If clients like to have a more dramatic appearance in their enhancements it is recommended that touch ups are performed to refresh their results every year.
  • How should I prepare for my appointment?
    Avoid blood thinning medication for a minimum of 72 hours prior to the appointment. This includes Vitamin E, Aspirin, Niacin, fish oil supplements, and Ibuprofen. Do not drink alcohol the night before and the day of your appointment. Limit the amount of caffeine you consume before the appointment. If you have been on prescription Accutane in the past, you MUST wait at least one year before considering this procedure. It is highly recommended that you avoid SUN and TANNING BED exposure for 2 weeks BEFORE and AFTER your procedure. If you show up for your appointment with a new tan or a sunburn, you will need to reschedule and will forfeit your deposit. As your skin exfoliates from a sunburn, it will take the pigment with it.
  • What is the aftercare?
    After any of the procedures it is important that the treated area is not exposed to sun or a tanning booth for at least 2 days. Absolutely NO Neosporin, NO cleansing creams, make-ups or chemicals may be applied to the pigmented/treated area(s) for the first 3 days. No hot, steamy, full pressure showers, saunas, excessive sweating, jacuzzis, or swimming in chlorinated pools; This can hinder the color bonding process. No Retin A, bleaching creams, glycolic acids, fruit acids or AHA acids on the treated area. If crust appears on the treated area, do not pick or peel because color will be removed along with any crust. Do not touch the treated area with fingers as they may transfer bacteria onto the area and could lead to infection. Pigment can bleed onto fabric; It is recommended that you don't sleep on valuable pillow cases and/or sheets for the first 2 nights. You may apply make-up after 7 full days. Keep the treated area moist for 7 full days following your procedure by continuing to apply the aftercare that is provided regularly, throughout the day, with a Q-tip. The ointment acts as a "bandage" and keeps out dust and other contaminants. Clean area with cool water and mild antibacterial soap such as Dial, and pat dry before reapplying ointment. Do not breastfeed after procedure.
  • Is it painful?
    An effective topical numbing agent will be used during the procedure. Pain threshold levels vary from person to person and every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable during the procedure. On average, clients claim it is a 2-5 on the pain scale out of 10. Having this service performed during your menstrual cycle may increase discomfort during your procedure. Please be aware that coffee and alcohol is not recommended before the procedure.
  • What is the healing process?
    Please note that for the first 10 days after your treatment, your eyebrows may appear darker and bolder which is a typical occurrence with all types of procedures, and the pigment will lighten anywhere from 30-50% during the healing period. Some swelling and tingling will occur for an hour or so after your treatment. Week 1 the pigment has reached its darkest level, and on day 2 light scabbing will occur. Week 2 the scabbing will begin to peel and flake off. This peeling may not reveal a definitive color in the skin. Week 3-4 the pigment in the skin will continue to oxidize and the shaded dots begin to reappear as they were in the beginning. Some strokes may appear patchy. Week 6-8 eyebrows fully healed and ready to undergo the finishing effects of touch-up appointment. The eyebrow enhancement/transformation is complete after final touch-up.
  • What will happen on my appointment?
    Before the procedure we will discuss your eyebrow goals and map the ideal shape for your face following the natural bone structure. We will also discuss which procedure will be best suited for your skin type. Prior to starting you will be able to see what the shape and color will be. Once you give the "ok" we will begin. This moment is very important to go over anything that makes you uncomfortable as these are the moments right before the tattoo. From start to finish it should be approximately 120 minutes.
  • How long do powder brows last?
    There is no telling how each individual's body will react to the pigment. However, on average it should last 1-3 years. Pigment retention always depends on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, metabolism and desired results. Oily or problematic skin will not hold this pigment as well and may need touchup sooner. Desired results such as darker colors will retain longer and lighter colors such as blondes will fade faster. It is recommended that upkeep is met with a touch up every 12-18 months to keep the color vibrant and keep the shape symmetrical.
  • Is a touch-up appointment 6-8 weeks out required?
    A touch-up is highly recommended to address any pigment loss during the healing period. Essentially the visit is made to perfect the original shape, fill in pigment and is important to asses the healing process.

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